Meet Garth! Garth works at Unistel in the Wolf Life Transitions Center workshop as a consolidation worker. His responsibilities include labeling and stacking boxes specific to customer instructions for overseas shipment. Garth loves his job, the people he works with, and the great vocational training he has received along the way. He is an exceptional worker and a role model for his coworkers. Garth provides mentorship to his peers through observation and teamwork, ensuring that everyone completes the job accurately and thoroughly. He always finds an opportunity to learn how to do his job better or develop new skills. It is also one of Garth's goals is to teach sign language to his staff in the workshop.

For Garth, the consolidation work provides him with a great sense of pride. "The work that I do here helps other people," he says. "I am thankful for this work opportunity."

Garth lives at Culver Road, one of CDS Monarch's 28 residences. At home he enjoys spending time with his housemates, going for walks in the neighborhood and watching baseball. Garth also likes to have a good laugh, and often jokes around with his peers and staff, who are all a part of his family. "It feels good to have a job I like, and a place to call home, where I have my own space to be myself," he says.
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