Meet Chrissy! Chrissy has a very outgoing personality, and she is passionate about helping others and keeping things organized.

During the week Chrissy spends her time at the Wolf Life Transitions Center where she attends Blended Creative Opportunities (BCO), one of CDS Monarch's Day Services. At BCO, Chrissy loves to participate in a variety of activities. She shows off her dance moves at Zumba, expresses herself through painting during art class, and does research on topics of interest in the media center. Swimming is another favorite activity that Chrissy looks forward to each week. She is active in the community as a volunteer at a local pet shelter. Chrissy has developed positive relationships with her peers and staff at BCO. "I love working here, it makes a difference to me, as a person, to be a part of this organization," says Chrissy.

Chrissy lives at French Road, one of CDS Monarch's 28 residences. At home she loves to do housekeeping, help her staff cook dinner and read her beauty magazines outside on the porch swing. The other residents and staff at Chrissy's house have become like a second family to her. "I love this house," she says. "I wouldn't want to live anywhere else."

Chrissy truly celebrates the everyday of life - she always has a cheerful smile and a warm hello for those she encounters.
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