Individuals and staff at Penbrooke Creative Opportunities (PCO) have been busy getting involved in a variety of events and activities in the community!

Some of their favorite, fun-filled things to do include Zumba and music therapy at Hochstein School of Music. Zumba is a twice-per month activity during which the individuals enjoy forty-five minutes of dance-based exercise! They have been doing it for a little over a year and absolutely love it! PCO also love to express themselves musically through weekly music therapy at Hochstein!

The individuals of Penbrooke Creative Opportunities are involved in different volunteer projects including Meals on Wheels, St. Joe's soup kitchen, and Habitat for Humanity. They deliver to five different Meals on Wheels routes and add a new route each year. Every week, they also visit St. Joe's and have been going there for about two years helping to set tables and prepare for lunch. PCO also has been helping to clean and organize the ReStore for Habitat for Humanity. Through each of these volunteer activities, the individuals have built relationships with people and have enjoyed giving back to their community.

In addition to these regular, monthly activities, Penbrooke Creative Opportunities also finds time for outings to the mall, parks, or museums! Staff members are always hard at work planning different recreational events for individuals, ensuring that all are enjoying themselves!
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