CDS Monarch's Marshall Road residence was very busy during the month of July with a variety of recreational activities both at home and in the community. Recently, the residence welcomed a new music therapist, Dave, who everyone is fond of because he brings many different instruments and it is as if they were a live band. The individuals immensely enjoy the congas and maracas. Other activities have included manicures and pedicures - the new trend amongst both staff and individuals is to wear multi-colored fingernails. 

A birthday party was held for Robert Z. in a country western theme. In addition to the party Marshall Road also hosted a barbecue and when the weather was nice, everyone enjoyed sitting outside on the patio to look at the stars and soak up the moonlight. 

This year the individuals decided to celebrate National Cheesecake Day by going to Cheesy Eddies, to sample a variety of cheese cakes including key lime, plain and chocolate. They also enjoyed going to Fairport Lanes for a few rounds of bowling and catching a few new movies such as Brave and The Amazing Spiderman movie. The month ended with a lunch outing at the Seneca Park Zoo. All in all, July turned out to be a fun-filled and eventful month for the Marshall Road family.
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