Rich joined CDS Monarch about four years ago as the Senior Desktop Technician. He works on the day-to-day maintenance, troubleshooting and upkeep of CDS Monarch's computers and technology equipment. He assists with a variety of software, and makes sure that all computers and printers are working properly. Rich works hard to ensure that everyone at CDS Monarch can get their daily duties done with the least amount of interference possible.

Rich's favorite part of his job is the people he gets to work with. "We have a fantastic staff here at CDS Monarch," he says. He also enjoys helping individuals with any questions they have about their computers at home.

One of Rich's favorite memories was helping an individual who works at Flutters get an email address. He was one of the first individuals to have an email address on the system. "He was just so overjoyed, it was nice to see."

"Rich is the lifeblood of the IT department here at CDS Monarch," says Tim Conheady, Director of Information Technology. "I have never heard as many compliments as I have heard about Rich from other people in various departments. He truly is one of the hardest working here and it seems many people see that as well."

"Rich is my 'IT hero'!" commented Claudia Gallipeau, Senior HR Manager. "He always takes the time to rescue me from any computer issue. I know that I can always count on Rich for quick, pleasant and efficient service."

In his free time, Rich likes to be with his family, play computer games, read, and watch cooking shows.

"It's been a great four years. I'm looking forward to the future endeavors to come."
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