This Independence Day, it is important to remember that it is more than just barbecues, parades and fireworks. As much of an effort as it took our Founding Fathers to create freedom and independence for our nation, it has taken years of dedication and service on the part of our troops to maintain this same freedom and independence that we all enjoy each day.

The Fourth of July holds a special place in the hearts of all of us at CDS Monarch, as we continue to support our Veterans through Warrior Salute™. Our Veterans have risked their lives to defend the values of our country and the independence of our people. We are proud and honored to assist them in their transition back to civilian life, especially with the opening of the Nucor House just around the corner. Thank you to our Veterans for your service, and for all you have done and sacrificed for the benefit of our great nation.

As a way to give back to our Veterans, you can purchase some Warrior Salute Seasonings - available online anytime or at our kiosk in Eastview Mall (through July 10th). Warrior Salute Seasonings benefit both the program and vocational training opportunities for the Veterans enrolled in Warrior Salute™. There are a variety of flavors of our premium blends that will spice up any Fourth of July cookout! Or you can make a donation directly to the program.

Thank you for supporting our Veterans and Warrior Salute! Have a wonderful holiday!
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