Deb started with CDS Monarch in March 2007 in the business office as a part-time accounts payable assistant. Occasionally she also helped with payroll and accounts receivable when needed. Just about a year ago she was asked to help out with a new position at Unistel during a transitional period, and ended up staying. Deb handles orders from customer's for spices and pasta which includes: entry, notifying the customer of order receipt and their expected delivery, as well as keeping a record of all the orders. "She excelled in learning her new role in order entry and has made a positive impact on the Unistel team. We wish her all the best in her retirement," said Ana Nikolovska.

Switching positions helped Deb "to see how everyone at the Agency fits together as a whole." She encourages all the staff to try to understand how all the pieces fit, since we are such a large organization - but accomplishing many great things. It has also allowed her to have more interaction with the individuals we serve and she has really enjoyed making their acquaintance and seeing them more often.
In her free time she likes to spend time with her children and grandchildren, work in her garden, read, help out her parents when they need it, and be with friends. Deb already has a retirement trip planned - a stay in Washington D.C. with her grandkids for 2 weeks! She is also looking forward to her parents 60th wedding anniversary, and her newest grandchild who is expected in October.
"It's been a pleasure to work with everybody here and get to know them. It's been very nice," she says.
Deb is retiring in early July, and she will certainly be missed! Thank you for your years of service and dedication to CDS Monarch!
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