The Starbucks Harvest Program has made the mornings of those at CDS Monarch Senior Living and Warrior Salute a little sweeter.

Starbucks has been donating pastries to CDS Monarch. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday pastries are received. On Mondays and Wednesdays, CDS Monarch individuals deliver them to residents at CDS Monarch Senior Living and on Friday they deliver them to those at Warrior Salute.

Last year, CDS Monarch tried to join the Starbucks donation program, but the local store already had an agency they were working with. When that group no longer needed their services, the Starbucks Harvest Program inquired if CDS Monarch was still interested and has been donating pastries ever since.

The residents of CDS Monarch Senior Living and Warrior Salute enjoy the donations from Starbucks and the morning coffee hours they have because of them.

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