Julie joined the CDS Monarch family 16 years ago as a relief staff at the former Lehigh Station residence. Less than a year later she became full-time, and in 2000 was promoted to the Residence Manager position. As a manager she has led teams at many of CDS Monarch's residences, including: Imperial, Harris, Park Circle, Hardwood, Janes (which she helped open), and then finally ending up at Matthew and Embury (which are her current homes). Julie makes sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible in both of these residences, along with the help of her assistant managers.

"One of the great things about my job is that I'm not sitting in an office doing the same things over and over again. Every day is different here, and that keeps it interesting," says Julie.

Some of Julie's favorite memories are from the early days when she was working direct care with Ida Henry (RM, Turk Hill 1) and Marsha Mitchell (RM, Limerock) at the Lehigh Station residence.
Her advice to her fellow staff is this: "If you have the desire to move up in this agency, there are opportunities to do that, so stick with it, work hard and let your manager be your mentor."
In her free time Julie likes to play with her niece and nephew who live next door to her and she also enjoys playing darts in a dart league. Thank you Julie for your dedication to your individuals, your staff and the whole CDS Monarch family!
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