Last year, while Beckwith staff and residents were planning the recreational calendar for the next month, it was mentioned that Loretta Z. enjoyed being on boats. After joking with her that she should go on a cruise, her enthusiastic response inspired staff to plan a trip for the residents.

Elysha Vasciannie took on the job of cruise coordinator, and last week, after almost a year of organizing and planning, she, Bobbie Overton, and Yolonda Fair set off with residents Christine L., Donna C., and Loretta Z. on a seven day tour of the Caribbean. They were joined by Gary P. and his staff James Duberry from the Macedon home.

The group drove to Baltimore, Maryland to board their Carnival Cruise Ship. The days onboard often involved soaking up sun on the deck, swimming in the pool, and enjoying delicious food at the buffets. At night, they played Bingo, saw a musical or comedy show, and attended the Captain's dinner. One favorite part of the trip was the great music - from Motown and Broadway, to fellow passengers performing karaoke.

One of the highlights of the cruise was a shopping trip in Nassau where the residents enjoyed buying new outfits and other souvenirs to remember their vacation. And before leaving, each individual made a stuffed animal with the Carnival logo and posed for photos as keepsakes from their trip.

Both the individuals and the staff returned from their vacation filled with wonderful experiences and memories. Thank you to all of the staff who helped make this dream come true for these four individuals!
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