Happy Memorial Day! I hope you all take time to enjoy this holiday with your family and friends, as well to reflect on those who have served our country and are honored on this holiday.

Memorial Day is especially meaningful to all of us at CDS Monarch, as we continue to support our Veterans through Warrior Salute. They have each made a sacrifice for us, and this great nation, and it is the least we can do to help them transition back into civilian life successfully. And to all of you who are Veterans - we thank you for your service.

Support for Warrior Salute continues to grow. Everyday remodeling progress is being made at the Nucor House, and a Grand Opening date has been set for July 10th. We are looking forward to moving our Warrior Salute participants into their new home. We are also extremely proud of Unistel's new retail line - Warrior Salute Seasonings - which not only benefits the program, but also offers a new vocational training opportunity for the Veterans enrolled.

I am extremely grateful to this community for its continued support of Warrior Salute and our Veterans. We are seeing positive results from this venture, and it is something that we can all be proud of. Thank you!

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