Warrior Salute participants Brandon
and Mike work on Cloudocx.
Several Warrior Salute™ participants have recently begun working on a new operation here at CDS Monarch called Cloudocx. Cloudocx provides a way for companies to get rid of their paper files and store them in an electronic format online. By partnering with CDS Monarch and Warrior Salute™, Cloudocx is helping to provide new job skills and employment training opportunities for the Veterans in Warrior Salute™.

The participants working on the Cloudocx project receive totes of documents from local businesses, which they then intake and document. After that is complete they must open all of the totes, remove any staples and tear off all connected pages. From there the documents are moved from the work floor to an area where they can be scanned. After the Veterans scan the documents they name the files and upload them to a virtual data base, that the customer will be able to access - saving them thousands of sheets of paper. Finally, the scanned documents are placed in large garbage bins and shipped back to Cloudocx where they are shredded.

The Veterans are doing a great job so far, and are enjoying the work experience that this project provides.
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