Individuals from Blended and Webster Creative Opportunities have been volunteering at the Scottsville Adoptions Center once a week, lending a "helping paw" to a few four-legged friends. They play with the cats and take the dogs out for walks. Sometimes they also bring donations of pet toys, treats, and other items that the Adoptions Center is in need of. The individuals are starting to get to know the staff that work there and the adoptions director also thanked them for their time and all the donations.

One of the staff, Chrissy, who takes the individuals to the Adoptions Center each week couldn't resist temptation after a couple weeks of seeing one of the cats. She decided to adopt "Tiny Kitty" (one of 8 cats taken in from a woman's home) and says "she's an awesome little cat." The individuals enjoy going there so much that they are going to add an additional day so that more people will have an opportunity to go.

You can learn more about the Scottsville Adoptions Center online at, and be sure to check out the Community Outreach section, where our volunteers will soon be featured!
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