A special Nomination Recognition Ceremony was held at Unistel on the morning of March 21, 2012. The ceremony recognized the dedication and hard work of all the individuals at Unistel, as well highlighted a few recent award nominees.

The William M. Usdane, AbilityOne Program Employee Recognition award recognizes an individual who has excelled on an AbilityOne project. Unistel's nominee for this award was Craig Cielinski. Craig has worked at Unistel's Blossom Road facility since 2003, holding a variety of positions throughout the Unistel spice business. He moved from the manual lines to learning the semi-automated line and mastering the packaging of spices for shipment. He is a hard working, valued, and respected employee and always accepts new job assignments readily. In his free time Craig is an avid Special Olympics athlete and enjoys yearly vacations to Disney World. Overall, Craig says that he loves knowing he is "relied upon by his team members to get the job done right for our Military!" Congratulations to Craig Cielinski!

The OPWDD Works For Me award celebrates the partnership between employers and valued employees with disabilities, honoring selected businesses for their commitment to workforce diversity. Unistel's nominees for this award were Tyrone Shepard, and Scott McWilliams of Chartwells at Nazareth College. Unistel began their partnership with Nazareth more than 10 years ago through an enclave relationship. Nazareth showed commitment to the hard work and dedication of individuals with disabilities and an inclusive workforce. This allowed for a full time, independent employment position for Tyrone when the enclave was ended in 2008. Tyrone has been working hard in his position at Nazareth for the past 10 years. Nazareth has been a great partner, helping individuals to learn array of tasks in the food service industry and allowing onsite support to help them be successful and reach their fullest potential. Congratulations to Tyrone Shepard, and Scott McWilliams of Chartwells at Nazareth College!

The AbilityOne Honor Roll for Veterans with Disabilities award recognizes a veteran with a disability who has exhibited outstanding achievement in his or her work life. Unistel's nominee for this award was David Kendrick. David went above and beyond during his employment training through Warrior Salute. He was promoted to Production Supervisor in the Unistel spice business, where he built confidence for himself and others, and served as a responsible, approachable Team Leader for all. David takes pride in supporting everyone served through CDS Monarch, and our military, through quality service. Congratulations to David Kendrick!
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