President Ronald Reagan signed a presidential proclamation in 1987 designating March as National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month (a recent law changed the wording from "Developmental" to "Intellectual"). The proclamation urges everyone to offer encouragement and the opportunities that people with intellectual disabilities need to lead productive lives and to achieve their full potential.

Here at CDS Monarch we celebrate the everyday of life through the achievements of the individuals we serve. We hope that you will join us in celebrating National Intellectual Disabilities Awareness Month by spreading the word and getting involved. There is nothing more rewarding than empowering individuals to become happy, independent and productive members of our community.

Spread the Word
- About 4.6 million Americans live with intellectual disabilities.
- All people have needs and rights. Everyone wants to enjoy life, feel productive and secure.
- Most people have a disability of one kind or another. The differences lie mostly in degree and whether they are seen or unseen.
- People with intellectual disabilities can be productive members of their communities.
- Many rely on publicly funded services and supports in order to fully participate in community life.
- During times of economic decline, essential services and supports for people with intellectual disabilities are often threatened.

Get Involved
- Spread the word about National Intellectual Disabilities Awareness Month.
- Volunteer your time at an organization that supports people with disabilities.
- Contact your local, state, and federal legislators for their support.
- Educate yourself and others about developmental disabilities.
- Get involved to protect Medicaid services for people with disabilities.
- Learn more about available services for individuals with disabilities.
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