Erin started out at CDS Monarch in the QA department over 14 years ago. Today she is responsible for overseeing incident management and supervises three investigators. She is also the Chair of the Human Rights Committee which reviews behavior support plans and medications. Additionally, Erin serves on the Special Review Committee which reviews incidents and allegations of abuse. She is currently in the CDS Monarch Leadership Program, and says she has already learned a lot about herself from it.

When asked about her time here Erin commented that she has seen a ton of growth in the agency across all departments. She also shared her passion for being a QA Specialist. "I love being a resource for people and being able to point them in the right direction when an issue occurs, or give advice on how to handle specific situations." Erin's advice to other staff at CDS Monarch is "to learn as much as you can, know the policies and procedures, be invested in your staff meetings and get involved at your site. Be sure to get to know your individuals - the better you know them, the more successful you will be."

Evelyn White, Residential Associate Director shared that "Erin is a wealth of information and is never too busy to give guidance and support. She is dedicated to ensuring that the individuals we serve receive the best quality of care."

In her free time Erin spends time with her kids, attends their sporting events, and also enjoys going shopping or watching movies.
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