Celebrities can often recall their break through moment, that first taste of fame. Being on the radio was a dream that our very own David B. has always had. Here at CDS Monarch it is a part of our vision to make these dreams come true. 

Recently we were able to do just that for our friend David B..  David and a group of individuals from Blended Creative Opportunities took a day trip to visit Entercom's High Falls Studios, home to five local radio stations.  David made his first debut on air at 92.5 The Bee with DJ Jesse.  "Wow! I actually got it to do it. It was the best experience ever" he said after introducing a song by George Strait for all the listeners.  When David isn't lighting up the airwaves he likes to kick back and listen to Meatloaf and Styx.

Not everyone was able to go live on the air, but it was a learning experience in radio communications for everybody.  Bobby W. remembers the big satellite dish antennae and was amazed by their ability to broadcast over such long distances. He is also happy to know that the flashing red lights up top are in place to help airplanes avoid running into them. Bobby was also able to share with the staff at the studio about the significant role that CDS Monarch has played in his life.

Another visit to the studio is already being planned. Trips like these are not only a learning opportunity for David and the others, but also a chance for them to share their skills with their community.
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