Linden Creative Opportunities (LCO) has adopted a service member who is currently training in the States, but will be going overseas to a base in Japan in mid December. Sammy Merrill is a Navy Field Medic, and is the son of CDS Van Driver Jim Merrill.

The staff and individuals over at LCO are collaborating on this project, to put together care packages of items to make Sammy's service time a little brighter. "The individuals are really excited that they will be corresponding with Sammy - he is a new friend," said Jayme Sharpe, LCO Program Manager. "Everyone is excited about this project, including the staff. I give them a lot of credit for coming up with innovative ideas like this to get the guys more involved, especially with giving back."

If you would like to contribute any items for the care packages please send them to Linden Creative Opportunities. Some of the things Sammy enjoys are Twizzlers, Snickers, Hunting, Fishing, and anything to do with the Buffalo Bills. Letters, appropriate size artwork, and photos are also accepted and appreciated. Please contact LCO at 341-4781 with any questions you may have.
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