Next time you shop at the ABVI Goodwill store in Webster, make sure you say hello to their newest cashier! In June of this year, Danielle N. achieved her goal of obtaining employment in the community, and she is working as a cashier at the ABVI Goodwill retail store in Webster Commons.

For those of you who have visited our Blossom Road facility, you might recognize Danielle from her time spent working as a Greeter to the facility; Danielle worked at the front desk since February 2011. We had a chance to catch up with Danielle and asked about her experience of looking for work, her time spent working at Blossom Road, and what she loves most about her new job today. Danielle shared that working at Blossom was a "great experience". She enjoyed a variety of tasks and worked with a "great bunch of people". Her time at Blossom was her first paid work experience, and it gave her a new set of work skills and confidence.

Now, at ABVI Goodwill, Danielle rings out customer purchases, picks up fitting rooms, straightens the store, and completes the opening and closing cashiering procedures. Danielle loves working with the customers at the store; one highlight of her workday is working alongside two friends from high school who are also employed at ABVI Goodwill! Danielle shared that the most important thing she took away from her job seeking process was "letting the employer know I was available and flexible and really interested in the job".

The next goals Danielle has set her sights on are to buy a car and go to college. Based on her positive attitude and superior work ethic, we have no doubt that she will succeed in achieving those goals just like she did this one! Congratulations, Danielle!
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