Flutters Cafe, located at the Wolf Life Transitions Center, is CDS' very own restaurant which serves breakfast and lunch daily, Monday through Friday. If you stop by for a bite to eat, be sure to congratulate Flutters employee Terrell P. for his recent outstanding achievement. Earlier this year, Terrell took the Level II Food Service Certification exam through the Monroe County Department of Health, and he passed with flying colors!

Terrell prepared for the coursework and test diligently, and made time in his very busy work day to meet with a CDS Supported Employment Placement Specialist, to become familiar with the New York State food safety guidelines. He had to memorize some very specific facts, like the temperature at which different types of meat must be cooked, and the requirements for proper sanitation and disinfection to maintain a safe and healthy kitchen. The exam was not easy!

"I took the test so that I could obtain a better position in the future," said Terrell. "I feel great about my accomplishment."

Terrell's dedication to learning the material and fantastic positive attitude were definitely factors in his success. Congratulations Terrell!
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