Individuals at CDS had a self advocacy retreat this past Friday at the American Legion in Penfield. Individuals from different programs were in attendance. The retreat was planned for all of the individuals involved in CDS self advocacy groups at the different sites so they could get to know one another. Lunch was a joint effort in which each program was responsible for bringing a certain food item. Lunch was delicious!
Individuals from each site discussed what their program has been up to recently. Recent activities included preparing and delivering for Pet Meals on Wheels, fundraising for Daystar and volunteering at St. Joe's. The Handicapables were in attendance and discussed the presentation they recently gave for students at East High School.
Rosa's law was an important feature of this retreat. Everyone in attendance learned what Rosa's law was and discussed the new term "Intellectually Disabled". Rosa's law was signed by President Obama in October 2010 and changes references in federal law from "mental retardation" to "intellectual disability."
Another topic was COMPASS. COMPASS is an OPWDD initiative that supports and recognizes agencies that have progressed beyond minimal regulatory compliance, and achieved excellence in service delivery. The COMPASS values of Home, Health, Relationships and Productivity were also reviewed and individuals had the opportunity to watch the COMPASS video. This retreat was definitely a success and a good time was had by all!

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