CDS is going to build a housing facility for senior citizens called "CDS Monarch Senior Living", to help them live their lives more independently. The building will be located on Holt Rd. in Webster and will have 45 units (some doubles) for 50-60 people to live in. There will be at least 10 handicapped-accessible units with the ability to convert more if needed. There will also be a community room and counseling rooms. Residents will be able to visit the CDS Wolf Center to do different activities like music, art, swimming, and exercise.
CDS decided to start this project because they saw a need for senior citizens to have an affordable place to live independently among their friends and neighbors. Some of CDS' current consumers will move into the facility once it opens and others will be applicants from the community at large.
A grant was received for the project in the amount of $8.5 million, thanks to the support of Cornerstone Group, Sen. Mike Nozzolio, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Sen. Joe Robach, and the OPWDD. Construction of the facility will be done by Lecesse Construction and is scheduled to begin sometime in March after the winter season comes to an end. If all goes as planned, the CDS Monarch Senior Living facility will be completed within 10 months from the beginning of its construction.
When the Blog group was asked what their thoughts were on the project they said that "everybody needs a place to live. CDS helps them achieve their independent goals and live their lives and accomplish something. It gives them hope and courage to go out and live their life to the fullest. We all have challenges that we have to face head on."


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""CDS Monarch Senior Living" Announced"

Kimberly commented on Sep 23, 2010 at 12:00 am

I am so glad to see you all taking an interest in the seniors in our community! Remember, we'll all be seniors one day, too!

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