At the Wolf Life Transitions Center there is an Autism Skill Building Program for kids with Autism, to help them address their needs for social skills and dealing with stress. The program runs Monday through Friday from 3:30-5:30pm, year-round.

The program was started because there was a need for social interactions between children with Autism. The types of activities the kids do during program hours include: swimming, role-playing, social skill-building, and playing games (indoors and outdoors) to encourage turn-taking and teamwork. They also go on fieldtrips - most recently they visited Never Say Never Stables in Webster where they participated in therapeutic horseback-riding.

Several areas where the kids have seen improvement are with their social relations, appropriate communication skills, creating and sustaining peer relationships, and empathy. The staff working with the children are certified special education teachers with several years of experience, and for every three kids there is one staff member.

The services that CDS provides as a part of this program are: Autism Skill Building, Children's Recreation, a Parent Support Group, and Sib Shop (for siblings of a child with a developmental disability).

The Parent Support Group meets to help parents address their child's special needs, as well as get support from other parents facing the same challenges.

If you would like more information about the CDS Autism Skill Building program please contact Jenn LeTendre at 347-1075 or

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