12 High-school students participated in the CDS Summer Internship Program at Unistel on Blossom Road. The program is meant to help high-school students transition from school to the world of work.

Students got to shadow at different jobs in the community - Kittleberger Florist, Superior Staffing Agency, the American Red Cross, Wegmans of Penfield and Nazareth College. This was to help them practice vocational skills, explore different types of jobs and learn some new skills. The students volunteered at St. John's nursing home where they passed out snacks to residents, at Foodlink where they packaged food items for city residents, and at CDS in the Transportation department where they cleaned the outside and inside of the vans. They also took part in workshops to learn about dealing with difficult people, writing resumes, doing a career search, mock interviewing, dressing for success and filling out an application.

The program started after the 4th of July and ran through the first week of August. The students were recommended for the program by their counselors. The schools that participated in the program were: Mary Cariola, Creekside BOCES, Edison Tech and Webster Schroeder. A big thank you to all of those involved with the program for making it a success! Congratulations to the 12 students that took part in the Summer Internship Program this year!

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