On Wednesday, June 23 there was a concert at CDS put on by the Music groups to showcase the different things they worked on throughout the semester.

The Community Discovery Project, a chorus that goes out into the community and sings, performed a number of selections including "Come Together" by the Beatles, "Rockin' Robin" and "Love Potion Number 9." The Songwriting group performed their piece called "Haiti", written about people who don't have very much, and about spreading world peace and love.

Kyle Sill, a participant in CDS' Warrior SALUTE program played a flamenco song on his guitar with Molly Phillips, CDS' Music Therapist. Deletae D. sang a solo called "Beautiful" and Gary P. sang "Wild Thing" and played the drum. Helen K. played a song on the bass guitar and David B. played a piano solo that he wrote, called "CDS Heart". The song was about friends who are at CDS as well as those who have gone on to bigger and better places.

The Bell Choir shared a couple of their songs that they recorded using GarageBand on the iMac. The Jam Band played instruments and featured guests from Penbrooke.

Some individuals got a chance to talk about what they learned this semester in Molly's classes. Jay V. told us that he learned "how to express [him]self through music using [his] voice", and that the group "worked real hard on [the music] for several months and it all paid off in the end." The concert got rave reviews from everyone. Linda C. said, "It was good, I loved it!"


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