The Handicapables, a self-advocacy group at CDS, began a project seven weeks ago, to raise awareness about support for a bill to change the name of the Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities (OMRDD) to the Office of Developmental Disability Assistance.

The new name has been proposed due to the offensiveness that the term "retard" implies in regards to individuals with developmental disabilities. The group began its efforts after one of the Handicapables returned from a New York State Self-Advocacy meeting, where they had learned about the bill proposing the name change.

Since then, they have written formal letters and made phone calls to many state and local legislators to ask them to please vote "Yes" to Bill number A01037 and the name change.

Latrice Person said the name change "would make us feel better, like we changed the world."

The Handicapables have confidence that the new bill will be passed and that it will encourage a change in the way that people use the terminology. "I hope people think about us differently," said Kerry Bode, President of Handicapables

You can learn more about Bill A01037 by visiting the link below:

You can show your support for the name change by contacting your local legislator and asking them to vote "Yes" to Bill A01037.
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